Hey Shinae


Hey there, my name is Shinae!

I am a motivated and creative designer with 7+ years of experience specializing in digital design and marketing. I am a highly adaptable, curious, and empathetic quick learner with a passion for design and innovation.

After studying Graphic Design and Marketing at university, I have spent the next few years as a Graphic Designer, primarily designing product packages and promotion materials. After then jumping into Marketing, I fell in love with online marketing, Social Media, and visual design. In recent years in Marketing, I especially love seeing ways to apply design thinking and skills to promote products and services, and this has been a fun adventure for me!

Recently, I have been searching for a way to combine my background in Design and Marketing, and my keen interest in Human Behavior (“why do we do it this way?”). This process has led me to User Experience Design, a good combination of whys and hows. I am currently transitioning into UX/UI, and I would love to talk more!  hello@heyshinae.com