Hey Shinae


Hello Chicken is a casual Korean restaurant specializing in Korean-style chicken, rice bowls, and street food. Client wanted a modern and feminine look to represent their passion for Korean-style chicken as reflected on their business name.

Given color scheme: pink

Along with logo design proposal, I’ve also designed brand style guide, to-go packages, and smart phone app for future considerations.

Work done for Hello Chicken
My roles: art direction, print and digital design, UX/UI

Design Process

Stage 1: Set the Mood


These are examples of logo Client likes.

Mood Board

Collected inspirations based on Client’s brief.

Stage 2: Start Designing


Jumping right on to the computer works great as well, but I still believe that using pencil and paper helps me better to collect thoughts and to execute more efficiently.

Stage 3: Design Options

More than a logo

Brand Style Guide

Wanting to give a complete brand identity, I created a brand style guide in addition to the requested logo design. As the brand grows a brand style guide will be more essential as this will be a part of the brand’s foundation.

Package Design

Korean-style fried chicken, the Hello Chicken’s main dish, is an iconic order-in food in Korea. To be in cultural sync with the business’ background and to follow the recent rise of take-out and delivery dining trend, I added package designs for Hello Chicken that reflect the brand’s identity.

One step further: Mobile App

In addition to package designs, another opportunity I spotted for Hello Chicken is an app for customers to place easy take-out and delivery orders. Reflecting on the current dining trend and the cultural background of Korean fried chicken, I believe Hello Chicken will be able to differentiate itself from its competitors.