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Visual Standards

LG Hausys’ Surface Division has two major brands: Viatera quartz surface and HI-MACS solid surface. At the time without official brand standards, the Marketing Department wanted to implement a standardized look throughout all marketing materials, and also consider rebranding in the process.

As a part of the project, I have planned and proposed visual directions for the Viatera brand, and have implemented the brand standards for the images produced by the Marketing Department.

Work done for LG Hausys
My roles: art direction, visual branding

Purpose of the project

With visual standards, LG Hausys can achieve a uniform and organized look throughout multiple sessions of photoshoots. This also will influence how LG presents their products and other necessary information on multiple platforms such as website and Social Media.

*images used only as reference

Seeking a Visual Direction

After market research and competitor analysis, I have proposed a simple, clean look for the Viatera brand to put emphasis on the beauty of material itself.

“Usage of solid color in the background on trend and instantly sets up the mood without taking away attention from the products.”

The first photoshoot

Images from the first photoshoot, thanks to the hard works of the photographer, stylist, and staff (and it was fun to participate in!).

Setting a Visual Standard

After the first photoshoot as a tryout, I’ve proposed a few directions for the visual standards.

*images used only as reference

Idea 1: Moments of Life

True reflection of Viatera’s slogan, “Inspired by the moments of life, inspired by nature,” This sums up what Viatera stands for. This idea also illustrates what can be done on the quartz surface.

*images used only as reference

Idea 2: Human, Nature, and Space

Reflecting what LG stands for in their slogan “Nature, Human and Space,” this theme is a way to present what LG believes in creating human-friendly and eco-conscious living spaces.

*images used only as reference

Idea 3: LG One

This type of shoot gives the audience the idea that LG subsidiaries are united under its slogan “Life is Good.” These images can be used by not only one brand but by multiple brands, and create cross-selling opportunities.

*images used only as reference

Idea 4: Connecting names to their stories

Every Viatera color has a name that goes along with the collection it belongs to. With this visual direction, each color can be presented with props that relate to the name of the color, to set the mood. For example, photograph Stella on dark background with star props, and Minuet with sheet music and a violin. The goal is to create a character and story to each color.


The Marketing Department has decided on the “Moments of Life” idea for the visual standard of the Viatera quartz surface brand. Following the decision, photographs and 3D rendering images represent the brand in similar visual styles.